The question of which mesh lining size to use comes up regularly. Here the basic rule is to use the coarsest mesh which will strain out the product to be removed. Using a finer mesh than needed will only result in premature clogging. When in doubt about which of two mesh sizes to use, it is best to choose the larger mesh size. Once the mesh fills with dirt it is sometimes impossible to completely clean it since material will sometime pack into the square corners of the wire weave. The result is that the cross sectional area of the mesh opening is lightly reduced. Thus, for instance, if uncertain whether to us a 40 or a 60 mesh lining, use the 40 mesh.  After several fillings and cleanings, if dirt packs into the mesh corners, the mesh will wind up being equivalent of a 60 size anyway.

If you have other questions about selecting the right industrial strainer for your application, just contact us.