An interesting accessory for a strainer basket is a magnet insert. In liquid pipeline systems where there is wear of iron or steel parts against each other there are often microscopic iron or steel particles present in the fluid. This happens in cooling or lubricating lines to bearings, in oil passing through gear boxes, and in ink processed on roller mills for example. These tiny particles can sometimes pass through the finest mesh screen. A way to catch them is to install a magnet as an insert in the strainer basket. Such inserts should be designed so all the fluid passes over it and thus comes in contact with the magnet. The magnetic element should be powerful enough to lift several times its own weigh, otherwise it will not catch and hold the metal particles. Alnico, Ceramic and Rare Earth are the three most popular magnetic strengths for strainer baskets. Finally, the magnet should be encased in an inert material like stainless steel to prevent corrosion.