While pipeline strainers are deigned to withstand pressures far in excess of their rated maximum operating pressures, this is not true of pipeline strainer baskets. Very few strainer baskets will stand high pressure differentials through them.

In a pipeline basket strainer rated at 150 psi, for example, if used with a line pressure of 150 psi and if the basket is completely clogged, the pressure differential across it is equal to the full line pressure, in this case 150 psi. Under these conditions, the strainer basket will probably break. Generally the amount of pressure pipeline strainer baskets will stand when they are fully plugged is considerably less than the maximum strainer rated operating pressure. The larger the strainer basket, the less differential pressure it will take. There are specially made reinforced baskets available which will take higher differential pressure. Let us know if you need help with your pipeline basket strainer pressure.